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School Management System for Student Monitoring and Administration.
The School Management System helps in collection and dissemination of all the records of a student. The students carry an RFID-enabled card that contains personal, attendance and academic records. This system could also be customized with SMS and GPS features, which could be used by the parents to track their kids. The abouve system also providing the entire administration facility for the Schools along with Bulk SMS Services.

Banking Solutions
The banking solution helps in enhanced service and prevention of credit cards frauds. Under this process, the passbook or debit/credit card of the customer is tagged with the RFID tags which will contain all information of the customer. Whenever the customer enters bank, the respective tag will be read by the RFID reader in the entrance of the bank and will notify the bankers with the client information.

       The latest in the offering is RFID in hospital. It will facilitate to access patient information for review, to track patients and doctors location during emergency and to restrict access to unauthorized staff in restricted area within hospital.

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